Custom Thrive Wear

Make an Impression with custom ThriveWear

We're all unique so why not have active lifestyle wear that's literally made for just you? We can bring to life all those designs you have by printing your artwork, wording on most of our range and more. Check out the below categories we create custom wear for.

Sports Teams
We can create your ideal teams jersey from the designs to the completed works of art, you can even personalise each shirt individually (such as numbers and nicknames). We have a range of different materials/styles that suit professional teams all the way to the average joes team, don't worry we'll help you pick the right one.

Gyms/Health Clubs
If you're running a gym/health club that's looking to branch out with your own clothing line, either to sell, give away or even to use as uniforms we got you covered. We're more than happy to help you create a line of clothing that will enhance your clubs presence and give you a more professional look. We offer a number of different options including Co-branding, semi-branded or we can make our products truly branded to you.


Important Information

We only do business with good people who treats everyone right. Custom work also depends on current supplier/manufacturing ability, if products are in stock, current custom work levels and therefore may not be guaranteed. 

Also, we don't do any custom work that is explicit or illegal in nature.


Pricing & Minimum Order Quantity

Everything and everyone is different. So we can't give you a standard price is it's literally different depending on your requirements. Minimum orders in some cases can be just 1 other can be higher, it all depends on what you're after.



To get started email us now if you know what you're exactly after or if you have more questions that our guest services centre hasn't answered for you yet at